In Memoriam

"Eternal Rest Grant Unto Them"

Marie Dougherty Barnwell, '40

Claire Duggan McMullin, '43

Catherine Coughlan Neville, '54

Florence George Marchi, '56

Elaine Jantschewsky Modiest, 57

Betty Ann Smith Kirchhofor, '58

Lynn Tilton McCarthy, '58

Kathleen O'Dwyer McAdam, '59

Nancy Leavy Brannigan, '61

Marie Wright Landers, '61

Louise Messina Sen, '61

Marylou Oldfield Napolitano, 62

EIizabeth Hilterhaus Stroz, '63

Eileen Dowling White, '71

Josephine McDonagh, ' 77

Edmund Attanasio, brother of Irene Attanasio Munno '55

Winifred Grace, sister & Edward White, son of Margaret Grace White '55

James Geraghty, brother of Alice Geraghty Graham ' 55

Timothy Harrigan, son of Martha Majesty Harrigan '59

Edmund Doxey, husband of Diane Halliday Doxey '61

Richard Hickey, brother of Dorothy Hickey '61

Francis A. Slayne, husband of Kathleen Mann Slayne '61

Bernard H. Keary, husband of Jeanine Souque Keary ' 62

Michael Stroz, father of Andrea Stroz '98 & husband of Elizabeth Hilterhaus '63

Richard Weissenberger, husband of Patricia Scully Weissenberger '63

Deacon John F. Vassallo, Jr., husband of Barbara Ravold Vassallo ' 64

Dr. Borden, husband of Jean Barthelheim Borden '66

Patrick Wayne Driskill, son of Carol Hunter Driskill '66

Harry J. Mulry, husband of Judith Rankin Mulry '68

Peter Fontaine, husband of Eileen O'Leary Fontaine '69

Edward and Joseph Cummings, brothers Dorothy Cummings Santospirito '86

Luciano Sanchez, husband of Ann Woodward '92